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Missions at Rock  Springs

At Rock Springs Baptist Church, we firmly believe in the importance of missions work. Even more than that, we firmly support members of our congregation who become involved in missions work, whether part-time or full-time. In the past we have had several members travel abroad for part-time missions work.

Lauren Sellers
Tuesday March 6, 2018
Lauren Sellers went on a mission trip to London. Lauren said on this trip God used her even though she was timid and anxious. There she met a Muslim man sitting on the street. Through listening to Lauren, the hardships of his life began to change and his heart softened. Through the Holy Spirit she learned how to break down barriers and misunderstandings in both his life and hers. God still shows up no matter how weak and timid we may be. Lauren says never limit God and put Him in a box. His love covers multitudes.

Randy Best and Amanda Mann

Randy Best and Amanda Mann were both able to visit Kosovo in 1999 to help rebuild the damage from the Serbian conflict. The sights they saw were not pretty, and the work they did was hard, but God used this opportunity to light a new fire in both their lives for Jesus and the work of the Gospel.

Ben and Rachel Best

Randy's daughter, Rachel, and her grandfather Ben Best were also able to visit Honduras in 2000 as part of a church construction team.

Karma Shuford

Karma Shuford has had the opportunity to travel on several mission trips in her life, with two of those while she has been at Rock Springs Baptist Church. She visited Honduras for a week in support of a church construction team in 1998, then traveled to Russia for two weeks with Josh McDowell Ministries to visit orphanages and hospitals as part of operation Carelift 2000. Both these trips have great memories for her of the wonderful things God can do.

Marty and Jeremy Best

Marty and Jeremy Best, a father and son team from Rock Springs Baptist Church, visited Honduras in March 2001 as part of a church construction team from Haywood County churches. They worked with the team that built the church pews and did finish work on the building.

Their trip was hugely exciting, and they both enjoyed themselves thoroughly. But the fun was not what the trip was really about. When asked if he would go back, Jeremy's immediate response was "Yes!" This is a teenage boy who is excited about what he was able to do in the name of Jesus Christ.

Honduras is an extremely poor country, but the Christian community there is alive and growing. Jeremy says that probably 80 people crowded into a church they visited, even though there were no pews and the floor was dirt. What a revelation for those of us who are so accustomed to padded seats and air conditioning.

Rock Springs Baptist Church wants to thank all these missionaries for their personal sacrifice to perform this mission work, and we pray God will continue to use all of you mightily.


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